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dog grooming

Grooming your dog is something not everyone is familiar with and it is much more than giving your dog a playful bath. Just like hygiene plays an integral part in your life, it is important for your dog as well. Dog grooming consists of a whole range of procedures. To educate you a little more on this, we are here to tell you everything about dog grooming!!!

Essential Tools For Grooming

There are a variety of tools required to begin your dog’s grooming routine. 

In the beginning, the entire process might seem a bit overwhelming.

As you start understanding the basics of it, you will notice that the grooming routine can be a fun way to bond with your dog.


Brushing your dog’s hair is as important as brushing your teeth.

However, you shall decide on the right brush for your furry friend depending on the kind of your dog’s hair.

A breed with long hair has the probability of getting tangled hair easily. 

There are plenty of brushes available like a bristle brush, wire pin brush and slicker brushes. 

Ensure not to be too rough while brushing your dog’s hair and go from tips to roots. 

Using a conditioning spray helps in detangling the hair easily while brushing, making it less painful.

Nail Clippers

Your dog’s nails are sensitive and require the utmost care and attention. 

Your dog’s nails need to be timely checked if those have grown way too long. 

Dirty nails can become a home to bacteria and infections. 

Also, don’t forget to disinfect the nail clipper before and after use. 

The best thing is to clip your dog nails every week so that they don’t grow too long.

Trimmers And Clippers

Clippers and attachment combs are very useful in trimming your dog's tangled hair. 

A cordless clipper or trimmer is very useful in removing hair from hygiene areas. 

The clipper does not have to be very expensive, as long as you are aware of how to use it. 

You can even opt for dog hair scissors because your dog’s hair is very different from the one your hairstylist uses on you. 

The basic hair scissors for dogs measure between 6.5 to 9 inches in length.

dog grooming

Oiling Your Dog

If your dog has dry skin or hair problems like dandruff, then he would definitely love an oil massage. 

Oiling improves blood circulation and promotes your dog’s hair growth.

Leave the oil in the hair for 30 to 45 minutes. 

Ensure that your dog doesn’t lick the oil off. 

Shampooing Your Dog

Once you are done with oiling, trimming the nails and the hair, you can move on to shampooing your furry friend.

It will make the tresses soft and shiny. 

Remember the shampoo you are using should be specifically made for dogs. 

Mind the quantity because a lot of times, dogs end up having dry skin.

After shampooing, give your dog’s hair the moisturisation they need by using a conditioner.

Use a conditioner that is dog specific and diluting it will make it easy to spread.

Lastly, dress up your fur baby in a cute shirt  to complete the grooming routine. 

And that’s it!

We hope we’ve answered all your queries regarding dog grooming. 

Happy pet parenting!

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